Friday, November 10, 2006

When Pakistani Pop Stars Dazzled the Indians

[The review of this Pakistani concert, held on October 2006 in Old Delhi, was originally published in The Delhi Walla.]

Shehzad Roy - The Youth Icon from Karachi

The next thunder was not an item girl. It was an item boy - Shehzad Roy, a Pakistani pop star from Karachi. We had never heard of him before but some girls behind us screamed and sighed. We distinctly heard one of them moaning - "Oh, these Pakistani men, I tell you...."
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Altamash said...

Liked your website.

But, despite all the tension on the surface the roots go very very deep. It is the similarity and unity in the psyche that will lead to a bridge.


Mayank Austen Soofi said...

Thanks altamash,
Yes there are many things that unite us. Just as there are things which divide us. It is upto us what to pick out.