Friday, December 08, 2006

Photo Essay: A Tribute to the Sporting Women of Pakistan

There are not many women in Pakistan’s sporting scene. But that may be changing; by Usman Ahmed.

[Photographs by Mr. Usman Ahmed. A resident of Lahore, Mr. Ahmed is a software entrepreneur with a passion for photography. He can be reached in his blog Random Picture Blog From Pakistan.]

On the evening of September 16, 2006, Lahore's Punjab Stadium burst into celebrations. The occasion was the opening ceremony of the 3-day Second Inter-Provincial Games. The most remarkable aspect of this event was the presence of women. There were 108 women players competing in seven disciplines. Although the number was not comparatively large (there were 1204 male players) but it was heartening to note their participation.

These stunning photographs by Mr. Ahmed are dedicated to the sporting women of Pakistan.

Sparkling Moment during the Opening Ceremony of the Inter-Provincial Games

Are You Ready, Girls?

Smart, Beautiful, and Smiling – The New Face of Pakistan

Cute Kids but Don’t Miss the Female Athletes in the Background

This Generation May Have More Opportunities, Inshallah


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