Monday, March 05, 2007

Rang De Red - Spring Time in Pakistan

Love and longing in the time of "Enlightened Moderation"

[Poetry by Ajit Shenoy, pictures by Usman Ahmed]

Spring has come to Karachi
'Tis the season to talk of the bird and the bee
But nary a lover can you see
In the gardens of this city by the sea

What, then, of the ancient city of Lahore
Heart of lusty Punjab, now puritan to the core
Life itself is now a bore
Did they bury romance too here with Anarkali of yore

In Hindustan, they hail him as the King of Romance
Shahrukh Khan, with all his millions of fans
But his ancestral Peshawar is sunk in a trance
With girls' murmurs drowning in a clatter of pots and pans

The young lovers of Pakistan are sunk in woe
For all their ardour they have little to show
Separated is the lady fair from her beau
With romance to be found only on HBO

Pakistan, they say, means 'Land of the Pure'
I quibble not with that, to be sure
But how much longer must young romantics endure
For sundered hearts, is there no cure?

Love in Lahore* - Too Many Hearts

Love in Lahore - Romance on Sale

Love in Lahore - Buy One, Get One Free

Love in Lahore - Will She, Won't She?

Love in Lahore - Love, Fast-food Style

*These pictures were taken during the Valentine's Day morning at Lahore.


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Anonymous said...

BTW do you believe all that is written in the Myths about Pakistan blog which is prominenetly linked from your site and indulges in a lot of India bashing?

Trying to promote Pakistan is one thing but bashinhg India to promote Pakistan is another.