Monday, October 15, 2007

Accolades for Pakistan Paindabad


The Daily Times newspaper has something to say about this website.

Celebrated Karachi-based author Bina Shah (she has been interviewed in these pages) has profiled a short sketch of Pakistan Paindabad in the Daily Times newspaper.

In a story titled Pakistan Paindabad — the website that teaches you neighbourly love, Ms. Shah observed that this website "displays an attitude towards Pakistan that is positive, honest, and respectful." Click here to read the full story.


Anonymous said...

The problem is not the people of india or pakistan, it is the government that is the problem. Atleast in india, votes are not gathered on basis of india pakistan rivalry, whereas in pakistan votes are either gathered based on the india pakistan rivalry achievement or the selected government is kicked out and military takes over.

Anonymous said...


Bravo Bravo. This is something i wanted to do since long. I live in Doha and see lot of Pakistani's around and they are kind and nice people. Very nice work and wish you all the best.

Will keep bloging.

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mayank,
You live in New Dehli, but I am in doubt on your nationality. Are you an Indian?
I feel ure not..
There are million and millions of places there in India, why you are writting only on Pakistan?

What do you mean by "Long Live Pakistan"? Surely ure not Indian..

See boss, I like your writting skill and try to spend some time on India, becuase India is giving you Roti, Kapda and Makaan..

Try to respect the Namak of India..

Hope in future you will realize this..

I love Paskistan.. Only the thinking and Idology they follow are against Indian and hindusim..

Hindustan Jindabad..

Anonymous said...

A nation failed? A nation in which one million of its other half was killed by it in 1971, a nation that has put terror in your city in Delhi, I wish you taste a bomb from their arsenal right in your home and when you die tell your childern the so-called slogen ......

Anonymous said...

this is trick by blogger, to choose a topic for the blog to invoke curiosty for his blog and thus get popular or ear money from google ads. smart chap has got even a mention in times of india today.
Although i feel he is fooling people, if the blogger is in so much inlove with pakistan , let him very well go that country andlive, why he is opting to stay in India and talk about a other country, is thier not a old proverb which says be a roman in rome.Get the heck of of India mr.blogger

Anonymous said...

In 1971 not only other half suffered, all Indian suffered.. Because there was no existence of a so-called country called #$@##STAN...

The people died were all Indian...

Million, million other halves are staying peacefully here... Some buggers went and made their own country..may god bless them...

I don't have fear a bomb at my home, my next 10-20 generation will sing this slogan..

try to understand this " jai Hind"

Anonymous said...

One to one - everything is fine and peaceful. With a crowd, situation is different ! If one views the other as human being and not look into his nationality or religion - this world will be a beautiful place. However, this is not the case, and we have people on both sides spewing venom at each other, thus creating distrust and hatredness. As an individual, everyone have their own right to preceive on matters related to religion, which should be kept private on to himself. We are all God's creation, but we give that God different names and ownership. Priority should be given to vote out present politicians on both sides, and bring in educated young blood with transprency !! Otherwise, we will go on like this until our lifetime - cribing at each other !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

..from another website about this blog and its owner -

""Indians have a habit of putting their personal experiences above the experiences of their nation or race. So if this dude was offered biryani by a Pakistani family, he will lie prostarate in front of them mumbling "you are nice people".

Paksitan's support to Kashmir and hounding out of Pandits, writing "Pakistan Paindabad" on the breasts of Hindu women there, partition of the country, support to Punjab terrorism, all the time plotting destruction of India, ISI sleeper cells, bomb blasts, reduction of Hindu population in Pakistan from 15 percent to 2 percent... nothing will affect him or his ilk as long as he personally got offered biryani in Pakistan, for which experience he will be so overwhelmed, he will start cursing his own countrymen for not following his example. Such people don't have "mind's eye" and take everything visible to their naked eye as reality.

"I will live only for myself" is the motto of these pathetic wretches. There is no feeling of brotherhood or that he owes some debt or loyalty to his fellow countrymen -- civlians or soldiers -- who are dying every day in bomb blasts or to terrorist bullets orchestrated by the very country whose praises he is singing like a deranged bard.""

Anonymous said...

Soofi, did your family miss the train in 1947???

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that many illiterate and ignorant Indians are in the pay of US arms manufacturers. They seem to criticise good and peaceful efforts to bridge the gulf that exists between different people - the main ones being religion, language, caste, creed etc. The ones who spew venomous and hateful falsehoods will probably fail any test of IQ, academic, cultural, general knowledge skills. I amsure they are the same people who will keep their fellow citizens in their own city or village poor and hungry and without education or a job in order to dominate them - read pundits, brahmins, zamindars and such other tribal or feudal systems.
Mayank, let me assure that when you and Narendra Modi are at the pearly gates and being interviewed for admission, it's the latter who will be sent 'downstairs' to the hot place. Keep up the good work dude.
Peace - out !

Anonymous said...

We (as a nation) have entertained our neighbours with extreme warm hospitality... but pray tell me; has one of them ever written anything positive on India?? Just because you were offered a heap of biryani doesnt mean that you go about selling your soul to the devil chanting our neighbours name in sheer trance!
I respect 'them' to a degree, and till such a degree that I dont hurt the sentiments of 'MY' people!
Mayank, let me ask you; have you ever toured India, the Motherland which gives you the supreme freedom to write so 'florally' about our neighbours?? Ask your counterparts across the border and they will tell you exactly what will happen to them if they write like you!
C'mon Mr. Good with Words, wake up... charity begins at home... not in the neighbours' biryani platter!
There are some comments such as "Soofi did your family miss the train in '47"? These remarks however bad in taste they sound; they do set the mind ticking! It surely made mine!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mayank hi,

I think you are doing the right job atleast people like you from both the side will come to know each other and contribute their efforts to have peace between the two countries, both the countries have already lost their faith in the respective governments.

Keep it up buddy.

Jai Hind.