Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black Tuesday – 3/11, Lahore

Black Tuesday - 3/11, Lahore

People die, stuff happens.

[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; pictures sent by Jamil Khan]

The bombings in Lahore on Tuesday were the first major acts of terrorism almost simultaneously a second explosion took place elsewhere in the city around 600 people have died in terrorist bombings and clashes since the start of this year in Pakistan cricket Australia postponed its tour to Pakistan just hours after two bombs killed at least 15 people and injured many more at least 20 people have died and many more have been injured mourners offered funeral prayers footage from one of the CCTV cameras at the Lahore's Federal Investigation Agency building setting off a wave of panic Benazir Bhutto assassinated seems to have captured the suicide bomber in action government officials in Pakistan placed the country on high alert extremist groups might be singling out Lahore witnesses outside the FIA building said it took fire-fighters almost an hour to put out the flames the explosion caused a 10-foot-wide crater explosions seemed to follow a pattern of recent attacks I woke up fearing it was an earthquake doors and windows were shattered and ceilings developed cracks the 11 civilians also killed in that attack were buried separately, as were the four people including two children.

In mourning

Black Tuesday - 3/11, Lahore

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