Sunday, September 14, 2008

Special - Mr Zardari, You've Got Mail

Mr Zardari, You've Got Mail

A Pakistani student writes to the nation's new Prez.

[By Hassan Masud]

Mr Zardari, You have fought, work now you must
For heaven's sake, save this country from utter rust;
High hopes that people have, build upon them
Come to us, instead of going to them.

Bring the new tradition of think and act
Please cut the crap and honour you pac

Mr President, you are now at the height that glows
Can we finally also have a system that smoothly flows?

You have burdens on your shoulders, burdens that are huge
Act responsibly and courageously because that's expected of you;

Economic depression, inflation and severe insecurity
Please resolve these issues by giving away your luxury.

Honorable Judiciary continues to bleed in your democracy
You make us wonder when will you ever do away with this tyranny?

Treacherous dictators usurped and slashed without any morality
Will you quitely give them pure, simple and easy indemnity?

What is more important, standing proud before your nation
Or bowing to "Mighty ones" and pleading for ration?

God has given you a tremendous oppurtunity, use it for Pakistan
Live it to the dreams of those who sacrificed to make this land.

You must listen to the best possible advice and assistance
Turn to us if you need help in matters of utmost importance

For we are the common people of this land
Whose future and destiny are in your hand

Our dear innocent brothers in the north are getting killed
For whose fault? Everybody is in the dark and uninformed.

We are fighting a war that we do not want to fight
You are as much aware of this as are we, am I right?

Corruption and bribery, murder and extortion
These are the very perils that pinch our population

We need the institutions to be strong and formidable
Only then will we feel secure and comfortable

And in all this is your victory, Mr President
And in all this is the revenge WE want for her death.

You have fought, work now you must
For heaven's sake, save this country from utter rust!

We wish you all the best and pray that the next 5 years, which will be termed as "Zardari Era" bring out the best of us as a nation. May we get mature as Pakistanis and may our democracy, for which we have truly paid a huge price to get, prosper!

The 'poet' is a final year student at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), Topi.

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Ameer Hamza said...

Zardari is a wonderful player. No one really imagined, not Mr. Nawaz Sharif, that Zardari would turn out to be such a deft player with so many trump cards. He is not only playing with Nawaz or other likewise politicians, he is certainly playing with the entire nation. And till now he is winning. And that's bad news for all of us.