Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Happy Pakistan Series – 5 Hopes for the Nation

2009 Happy Pakistan Series – 5 Hopes for the Nation

Academic Hassan Abbas shares his hope with Pakistan Paindabad.

[By Hassan Abbas; photographer is unknown]

I, too, have hopes for Pakistan in 2009.

1. Pakistan's counter-terrorism offensive will start showing results.

2. Benazir Bhutto's Killers will be exposed.

3. The moderate majority will begin prevailing.

4. Democracy will stand on its feet.

5. Pakistan's relations with its neighbours, especially Afghanistan and India will improve.

I will deem 2009 to be a successful year for Pakistan even if one of my hopes comes true.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam A Leikum from the other side.
I, too have hopes for Pakistan in 2009.
1. Pakistan's counter terrorism offensive will only bear fruit once it sheds the fundamentalistic approach it has been carrying for over 61 years.
1a. The above will seem to be promising only after your ISI and Army has been 'sanitised' and free from elements who want to create disharmony and instability.

2. Mohtarma Bhutto's killers, InShAllah, will be exposed; but nothing will be done about it. BB will cry in her grave shouting for justice but the State of Pakistan will not lend an ear to her.

3. Moderate Majority will yet lose its voice. People like Lakhvi, Zaid Hamid (who incidentally is being promoted by none other than PTV to bark his retarted mind)and other very much state actors who dont have a voice of reason, equality, and religious level playing field shall have an awesome time ruining Pakistan and taking it some stone age years back.

4. Democracy will stand; however I'm no clairvoyant - the Zardari Gilani rift is inevitable; we saw a glimpse last week. We shall see the rise of PML(N)again. Long live "gajrella"! Or (Khuda na Kare) yet another Coup de tat; where the brass will take over the fine latha's. - I know I have been conflicting in my statement above. Cant help it! Its too precarious a situation of what you have on your hands.

5. Afghanistan has long been bruised by State sponsored terrorism by Pakistan; (sorry if I hurt your feelings by saying this). They aint bitting the dust this time around Sir. Pakistan can forget to have good cordial relations with India and Afghanistan, afterall India is food for thought and election and religious material to gain national notoriety in Pakistan.

In view of my cynical and pessimistic oration above I do still from the core of my heart wish and pray that you dont get just one, but all FIVE of 'your' wishes come true. It's the Indian way of showing solidarity despite being raped by your people yet again.
Jeeye Hindustan!!