Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Happy Pakistan Series – Kamran Shafi's Wish List

Independence Day Interview with Pakistan's Wittiest Columnist Kamran Shafi

Pakistan’s wittiest columnist shares an exclusive with Pakistan Paindabad.

[By Kamran Shafi]

This is what I wish for 2009.

That India and Pakistan learn to live like good friends and neighbours, in peace and harmony; that both get to exorcise the devils that live and grow within their own borders; and that the poor of both countries get better access to potable water; waste disposal; education; and housing.

Most importantly that people from both sides get the right to travel without any visa restrictions.

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Anonymous said...

Shafi Sahab;
The introduction for you goes like this - 'Pakistani's (sic) wittiest columnist shares an exclusive with Pakistan Paindabad.'

A very apt introduction for you Sir. Your wish is witty for sure!