Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Happy Pakistan Series – No Hope Here

Interview with Ardeshir Cowasjee - The Grand Old Man of Karachi

[By Ardeshir Cowasjee, one of Pakistan's most eminent columnists]

I'm not feeling at all sunny. I see no sun in the Pakistani skies. And with what we have at the top, I have no hopes. So we can just wish the Pakistan Paindabad readers all the best for 2009 which, as far as we Pakistanis are concerned, hopefully will not be as bad as 2008.

Or will it?


Anonymous said...

What a waste of a comment -- it hardly reveals any real thought process.

Anonymous said...

Thats Ardeshir Cowasjee for you! It's his style of writing such columns which actually have a meaning hidden in them somewhere... call it pessimism or optimism (realism)... its all upto you. Cowasjee couldnt care less for the opinionated. Cheers!

Vishal said...

Mayank, what value these one liner or two liners are adding........apart from showing that yes you got contacts and you can evoke a tiny bite from them.........

They are total waste of time, specially do not deserve to be separate post by themselves, at least combine them in one posting ..... something masala bollywood journalist do, this masala stuff isn't expected from you. You have done much much better, we have tasted quality of your work and so your regular fans have come to expect Mayank quality :)